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  • Internet Package
  • Music
  • Video
  • Youtube
  • Movie
  • Good for
  • Priceper month for 12 mos. w/ qualifying service & 1 yr. term required
  • 6Mbps Uverse Internet Speeds Elite Faster
  • Download your music in
    6.8 seconds!
  • 1 hour show in 4.34 minutes!
  • Your video loads in
    2.7 seconds!
  • Download your video in
    38 min. & 47 sec.!
  • Everything available with Pro Internet PLUS online gaming, social networking, & sharing photos
  • $19.95
  • 18Mbps ATT Uverse Internet Speed Max Plus Super Fast
  • Download your music in
    2.3 seconds!
  • 1 hour show in 1.31 minutes!
  • Your video loads in
    0.9 seconds!
  • Download your video in
    12 min. & 56 sec.!
  • Everything available with Max Internet PLUS Web conferencing & downloading movies
  • $29.95
  • 45Mbps Uverse Internet Speed Power The Fastest
  • Download your music in
    0.9 seconds!
  • 1 hour show in 37 seconds!
  • Your video loads in
    0.4 seconds!
  • Download your video in
    5 min. !
  • Everything available with Max Plus Internet PLUS Video chatting and more!
  • $49.95
AT&T U-verse Internet Speed


There are multiple options to choose from depending on what your needs are. With speeds up to 45 Mbps available, choose a package that will fit your everyday online needs.

How fast is AT&T U-Verse Internet you ask? Your download speed will vary depending on your online activities. Choosing the right one will assure a better experience. The more taxing your online needs are, the more speed you’ll need. For example, if your Internet usage involves online gaming and downloading HD movies, you will need speeds of up to 24 Mbps. On the other hand, if your online activities include more simple things like surfing the web and keeping up with your social network, then packages such as the 6 Mbps or 12Mbps can be enough to handle it all.

Apart from video chatting, online gaming, sharing photos, and web surfing, you can enjoy activities such as:

  • Watching videos online
  • Streaming Standard Definition videos
  • Sending large files via e-mail
  • Conducting online meetings
  • Interacting on Social Network sites
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